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Bunker Custom Cycles

Built for
the ultimate

Uzer Brothers were in love with bikes, but they weren't satisfied with conventional methods of other craftsman. They wanted their bikes to be as efficient, functional and good looking as possible. We wanted to reflect this passion, as well as the obvious finesse in their craftmanship.

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Fifth Position Swimwear

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Fift Position is a high fashion beachwear brand based in Amsterdam and Istanbul. Their designs are inspired by the strong and graceful silhouettes of dancers. We designed their branding as well as their website with the aim for reflecting the concept of “movement, and freeflow” in a unique and upscaled way.

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the design

Spitz is a decentralized network of digital designers. The word comes from German meaning sharp, edgy, witty and horny. We created a visual language from an interplay of most basic forms such as circles, squares and triangles to create a minimalistic blend of human-centric approach and wittiness.

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Our services
help ideas happen
for enterpreneurs
and intrapreneurs
taking on the world
We design brands to live and thrive in the ever-changing new
world with your end users, team members and business partners
in mind
What are brands but curated experiences helping or better yet and
entertaining your consumers? Today these experiences are mostly on digital
platforms or a combination of virtual and physical environments. We create beautiful digital experiences
that brings your brands to life and deliver agile prototyping that helps you to grow your business.
Brand stories well-told on digital channels. To help you deliver your brand messages, we design,
produce and distribute, your brand content to your end users in the right format and at the right
channel always keeping platform dynamics in mind.
Digital Media Planning is now an open and fair turf where smart strategy,
understanding of platforms and use of technology make the difference.
Having done this for brands from all sorts of sectors, our team provides
you a digital performance marketing strategy that serves as a
springboard for your brand's GROWTH


Ufuk Çetincan

Ufuk Çetincan
Co-founder & Art Director

Ufuk is an Art Director, Game Designer and UI Design Lead. His design career spans 20 years which includes a multi-disciplinary design studio, a print house and an ad agency, all of which he either owned or co-founded. He worked as Art Group Head in Grey / Turkey for 8 years before going rogue.

He won 48 awards including Eurobest, Clio, Golden Drum, Epica and Turkey's first ever Cannes Lion award in digital.

Elif Kavalcı

Elif Kavalcı
Co-founder & Art Director

Since 1998, Elif has been a designer, an illustrator, an art director, senior group head and head of art. She has participated in numerous work for a number of national and international brands including Unilever, Diageo, Kraft Foods, Turkcell, LC Waikiki and the Coca-Cola Company. She has lead the art direction for a wide range of projects from stop motion websites to TVC spots. After working as head of design in different agencies, she finally went rogue.

Alper Balkanlı

Alper Balkanli
UX Designer

Alper designs and leads creative teams from a unique UX/UI and brand strategy perspective, braced by his vast experience in the business domain. He was an integral part of UX/UI teams at major media and advertising companies focused on high traffic websites & mobile apps including finance, e-commerce and digital convergence; as well as traditional media companies.

Alper is responsible for UX research, digital product design, the creation of user flows and mapping of user journeys.


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